“IFEEDER is a key part of the future sustainability of the animal agriculture industry. We believe our investment in IFEEDER has been, and will be, very valuable, as IFEEDER does the needed research to provide the answers to the most challenging questions facing our industry today and tomorrow. We have already seen the impact directly on our business today as we plan for Food Safety Modernization Act compliance, relying on the important hazard analysis work funded by our IFEEDER investment dollars.”

Alan B. Gunderson, Vita Plus Corporation

“We are proud to support IFEEDER and have a foundation that continues to support the research and educational needs of the entire animal food industry. As consumers have more and more questions about where their food comes from, IFEEDER can help by providing answers to those questions on how we feed our livestock, poultry and pets.”

Michael Van Koevering, Elanco Animal Health

“IFEEDER is a valuable resource for Mosaic, and an excellent advocate for the global feed production industry. We applaud IFEEDER’s steadfast commitment to educating a wide range of constituents about the industry and its efforts to sustainably meet the world’s ever-increasing demand for feed.”

Gord McKenzie, The Mosaic Company

“From the inception of IFEEDER almost eight years ago, I have always been a believer. IFEEDER has a very clear vision and mission now. It also has the unique ability to execute on the critical research and education needs that the industry requires, and that individual companies simply cannot execute on by themselves. Furthermore, with AFIA’s primary focus being legislative and regulatory concerns, IFEEDER, as AFIA’s industry foundation, is in a perfect position to oversee the research and education efforts for industry stakeholders. The industry desperately needs this work to be done. I’m proud of this industry and feel blessed on how I’ve been rewarded by it. Giving back with a pledge is a huge no-brainer for me and for all member companies and individuals who feel similarly.”

Dean Warras, Phibro Animal Health Corporation