Did you know that animal food is a key contributor to the carbon footprint of our diets and that of our pets? Yet, animal food ingredients and additives remain one of the least measured and documented sustainability components within the U.S. food supply chain. Efforts to inform and pursue sustainability actions are as important to the animal protein and pet value chain as they are to the animal food industry.

In collaboration with animal food industry partners and stakeholders, the Institute for Feed Education and Research is using a multifaceted strategy to advance knowledge and trust in a safe, sustainable animal food industry.

A heightened attention on climate elevates the population’s focus on society’s contribution to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and broader environmental footprints.

It’s a big question – how can we, as an industry, decrease our environmental footprint?

“IFEEDER’s Sustainability Road Map will help each of our organizations develop a plan that is soundly backed by facts, not opinions. God quit making soil a long time ago and it’s time we told our story.” — Tim Belstra MORE>>

Animal food ingredient and feed additive life cycle analysis (LCA) is key to production transparency needs. To better inform data needs, the feed industry supported the development of the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) database, to advance the understanding of feed ingredient environmental impacts. However, there is still a need to incorporate data points into a comprehensive, harmonized strategy for information exchange within animal food supply chains.

Sustainability Road Map

This project is a pivotal component of IFEEDER’s efforts to lower our industry’s environmental footprint and advance our industry’s solutions to the global climate challenge. It provides an opportunity for the animal food industry and its stakeholders to develop a road map and supporting resources for information exchange, including standardization and methodologies, and provide life cycle data up and down the production chain. Beyond life cycle assessment, the effort will explore the scope of sustainability guidance and resources needed by the animal food industry for its continuous improvement. Through industry and stakeholder assessment, we will evaluate risks and opportunities within each animal food industry segment to prioritize focus and determine specific areas of support. The Sustainability Road Map is the first step in our long-term vision to bring needed sustainability resources and tools to the animal feed and pet food industry.  

Sustainability Road Map Webinar Series

IFEEDER, in conjunction with The Context Network, is addressing the definitional complexities of sustainability, exploring food supply chain transparency expectations and discussing carbon market opportunities in a three-part on-demand webinar series.

Defining Sustainability

Short 8-minute Highlights Video  Full 27-minute Deep Dive

Downstream Expectations

Short 13-minute Highlights Video  Full 25-minute Deep Dive

Agricultural Carbon

Short 10-minute Highlights Video  Full 24-minute Deep Dive

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