Celebrating 10 Years of Research & Education for the Animal Food Industry

Started in 2009 by a group of visionaries who saw the need for an organization that could provide much-needed research and education for the animal food industry, the Institute for Feed Education and Research has truly grown into its role as “the champion of safe and sustainable feed and food production.” Because of you, IFEEDER has accomplished many projects on behalf of the industry and brought forward new ideas for how to continue being a force for good in the coming years.

Learn more about IFEEDER’s accomplishments below and upcoming projects in this 10th anniversary handout.

Benchmarked the global animal food industry’s environmental impact.
Supported Food Safety Modernization Act compliance through the development of a literature search tool for hazard analysis.
Assessed how lengthy regulatory reviews hinder progress on bringing new animal food ingredients to market.
Prepared the industry for another outbreak of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus.
Tallied the amount of animal feed consumed annually in the United States.
Measured the animal food industry’s economic impact across the United States.
Promoted careers through the Equipment Manufacturers Committee’s Scholars Program.
Supported liquid feed industry through the Kenny Berg Research and Education Fund.
Took steps to better understand consumer preferences and behaviors in the marketplace.
Built our capacity – raising over $3.8 million and investing more than $1.4 million in research and education projects in 10 years.