IFEEDER: Focusing on Sustainability

A Message from the IFEEDER Board Chair

“It could be argued that the past year was one of the most important for the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) since its inception. The vision and commitment of the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) leadership, along with a strong level of energy generated by IFEEDER’s new executive director, has placed IFEEDER on an exciting path for the future. 

“This update includes actions associated with a revised, member-driven strategic plan and the development of the Sustainability Road Map, which provides clarity of direction as we continue our mission to advance understanding and trust in a sustainable animal feed and pet food supply chain. In addition, we are establishing new relationships with external organizations committed to goals like ours. These are ambitious – yet achievable – initiatives designed to advance feed system sustainability along with consumer understanding and trust.    

“It is my hope that as you read this update, you will share my enthusiasm. We sincerely thank those of you who invest in IFEEDER, and welcome all members to get involved and participate!”    

– Mike Schuster, Laidig Systems, Inc., IFEEDER Board chair 2022-23

Our Mission

With a mission to advance understanding and trust in a sustainable animal feed and pet food supply chain, IFEEDER is collaborating with industry members and stakeholders on a multifaceted strategy to advance feed systems sustainability.

Research & Education Projects

Click below to learn more about the research and education projects currently underway through IFEEDER.

Sustainability Road Map

Central to IFEEDER’s sustainability strategy, we are partnering with the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and its members to achieve alignment, provide guidance and equip industry members with tools and resources to advance their own sustainability journeys. Learn more here.

Feed Systems Sustainability Summit

IFEEDER and the World Wildlife Fund have collaborated to bring together the full feed value chain, including upstream and downstream entities, to advance sustainable feed systems. The summit is helping to catalyze actions to support feed system circularity, innovation, regenerative agriculture and responsible sourcing. Learn more here.

Dietary Interventions to Mitigate Enteric Methane Emissions in Dairy Cattle

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy and Dairy Management Inc., feed management strategies and additives with the potential to decrease enteric methane emissions are being evaluated to inform greenhouse gas mitigation strategies, economic and social practice considerations, and Natural Resources Conservation Service conservation incentive programs. Learn more here.

Nutrition Requirements Update to National Research Council Swine Report

This report serves as the basis for formulating commercial and research swine diets in the United States. Collectively, feed efficiency improvements, feed cost reductions and profitability impacts drive sustainability and economic viability of pork production. The update ensures incorporation of significant advances in swine nutrition research.

Protein PACT

IFEEDER supports the industrywide Protein PACT for People, Animals and Climate of Tomorrow, led by the North American Meat Institute. This multi-stakeholder effort embraces continuous improvement to align with consumers’ values and trust in animal protein. Learn more here.

CLEAR Center

IFEEDER contributes to the Clarity and Leadership for Environmental Assessment and Research Center (CLEAR Center), which is using scientific research to better understand the environmental impacts of animal agriculture and communicating that to public and policymaker audiences. Learn more here.

African Swine Fever (ASF) Decontamination Study

To improve the industry’s response to a potential ASF outbreak, IFEEDER and other industry partners are financially supporting a study at Kansas State University. Organized by the Swine Health Information Center, it is evaluating methods for cleaning and disinfecting feed manufacturing facilities, especially equipment not designed to be disinfected. Learn more here.

Impact of GM-Free Livestock and Poultry Feed on U.S. Feed Industry

New IFEEDER research shows that should U.S. food companies require that feed for their livestock and poultry be sourced from genetically modified (GM) free ingredients, then it would move the U.S. further away from meeting its climate goals, while increasing the burden on feed mill operators and increasing consumer costs for meat, milk and eggs. Learn more here.

Other Funds

Click below to learn more about ways IFEEDER is supporting the development of future leaders and filling research needs through dedicated funds.

EMC Scholarship Fund

In fiscal 2021-22, IFEEDER and AFIA’s Equipment Manufacturers Committee (EMC) raised $32,500 to support the EMC Scholarship Funds, which encourage students to consider careers in the feed or grain sciences. The fund supports $3,000 scholarships to students at seven universities:

Learn more here.

Kenny Berg Liquid Feed Research Fund

In fiscal 2021-22, IFEEDER and AFIA’s Liquid Feed Committee raised $21,560 to support the Kenny Berg Research and Education Fund.  The fund works to strengthen the science behind delivering nutrients through liquid feed. Learn more here.


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Corporate Donors

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For the period ending April 30, 2022

Support & Revenue Program Expenses
  • Unrestricted $28,200
  • Equipment Manufacturers Committee Scholarship $32,500
  • Restricted $821,800
  • In Kind $115,900
  • Program $226,500
  • Kenny Berg Research & Education Fund $10,100
  • Scholarships $21,000

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